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Rationalise your eating decisions with a fundamental understanding.

Being overweight doesn’t have to be a life sentence, but lasting change requires a sustainable approach.

Often weight-loss diets institute a radical change to your lifestyle. They can cut out food groups or prescribe a drastic change in eating that means you may have to eat separate meals from others and spend a lot of time and money on buying, weighing and preparing special foods.

Although radical diets such as low-carb, raw and fat-free can be very effective physiologically for weight-release, they are extremely difficult to maintain medium and long term. If a person is able to sustain these types of diets long enough to substantially lower their weight initially, the longer term ‘maintenance’ phase is often just too restrictive to continue.

The important thing to know is that the conscious mind ‘will power’ needed to continue a restrictive diet, even in maintenance mode, can never last indefinitely. The result is that you eventually ‘fall back’ into the way of eating that feels most familiar to you and, in turn, feel as though you’ve ‘failed’ at the diet.

The reality is though, the diet has failed you…

Diets based on will power rely on your motivation to hold you to the rules of the eating plan long enough to cause a calorie deficit that allows your body to use it’s stored fat. The problem with this is that no matter how strong your motivation to lose weight, just like trying to hold your breath, you can do it for a certain amount of time but sooner or later the urge to breathe (or eat) overcomes your will.

Through nutritional counselling from a qualified nutritionist, The Leading Mind‘s weight-release program:

  • Works with the foods you (and your family) are used to eating
  • Relaxes the anxiety around food and eating to break the binge-guilt cycle
  • Addresses ‘trigger’ foods that cause you to binge and helps you to enjoy these foods in moderation and control
  • Teams nutritional counselling with hypnotherapy to deliver a powerful and effective tool that sets you up for success, both short and long term.

Our speciality is working with people dealing with obesity as our approach is individualised and paced to the clients needs, rather than a quick fix for Summer or an event.

At The Leading Mind, ‘induction’ techniques are adjusted to suit your level of trance to take you to the optimal level you can personally achieve. Contact us today to book your spot in our program. Places are limited so waiting times may apply depending on the time of year. Ask us about current wait times here or take a look at our online program that you can start straight away.

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