Hypnotherapy Tracks

You download six specifically targeted powerful hypnotherapy tracks to keep that align with the themes of the program to kick your learnings into overdrive and boost your results.

Did you know?

Some of our most important digestive functions take place when we have the feeling of hunger. If you never allow yourself to feel hunger you might be cutting short some important digestive functions and stopping your body from performing at its peak.

Bite-sized learnings

You will learn about & be tested on how unwanted behaviour like overeating is related to your emotions and digestive system.

Week by week, day to day

You get a mindset changing approach filled with tools, activities and new daily practices that will cement your new way of life.

Work from home and get support on the run

The Leading Mind online course is delivered through an online learning system that adapts intuitively to the device you’re viewing it on meaning you can keep ontop of your practice at all times.

The Leading Mind Online
  • Revolutionary weight-release for smart, spiritually-connected people
  • No appointments to attend, complete at home in your own time
  • Self-hypnotherapy tracks, yours to keep
  • Mobile and desktop friendly online course, available anywhere in the world
  • Staged course release that keeps track of your schedule with reminders.
Other questions you might have
How does the The Leading Mind Online Course work?

The Leading Mind’s online program #SpiritBodyMovement is a unique mix of emotional awareness, Hypnotherapy and practical tasks that combine to create powerful change in the way you view food.

The connection between emotions and non-hungry eating/ overeating is strong in people dealing with a weight issue (if it wasn’t then will power would be enough to completely stop the behaviour). #SpiritBodyMovement addresses overeating at the root cause to eliminate non-hungry eating/ overeating and bingeing completely.

Most importantly, the program is a really fun way to get in touch with your inner (and higher) self and to learn to meet your emotional needs in the most loving way possible. It has benefits for many areas of your life, not just your weight.

What do I need to complete the program?

Access to the internet, headphones (optional, but recommended) and 20-30 minutes a day to work through the online video and written content and complete your self-hypnotherapy.

Everything is supplied for you including downloadable self-hypnosis tracks that are yours to keep and use forever.

How much extra money will I need to spend to complete the online course successfully?

None! Unlike some programs that use drip-pricing to get you to spend more money after you’ve already committed to the initial cost, your one-off program price gives you access to the full program and there is no need to spend any more.

Additionally, you won’t have to buy any non-supermarket foods, supplements, shakes, potions or anything else to make the program work.

What support will I receive?

Your program host Skye Sante will be there each week with new video content to keep you going. Tech support is available right throughout the program and so sticky questions you can contact Skye directly, or community support is available through our closed Facebook group for daily discussion and questions.

I'm under 18 years old, can I use the online course?

With your doctor’s guidance and approval you can certainly use this program. Your doctor can also contact us prior to giving approval for you to do the program if they have questions.

Will I need to cook and eat separately to my family/ household?

Absolutely not. You may be eating different amounts of foods to your family/ household at certain times, but The Leading Mind’s program does not cut out any foods. In fact, your family can join you as you make vegetables and other healthy foods a bigger part of your diet.

There is no need for counting calories or weighing foods so it’s a gentle and stress-free way of improving your health and weight.

What if I can’t afford this program?

Hundreds of hours of work into creating an online version of this program, to price it as low as possible to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

We do understand that even this price is simply not doable for everyone though, so because we believe #SpiritBodyMovement is such an important paradigm shift in the way we see our health and how we treat ourselves, if you aren’t able to afford the program price please contact us with a brief account of your situation and we’ll work something out together.

I have another question...

Contact us. Don’t wait another minute to make a move on improving your physical and emotional health. Tell us about your situation on our contact page and we’ll respond to you personally.