Meet Skye

An introduction to Skye, and beginning your journey into healthy and mindful weight release.

Skye’s Journey
Her spiritual and psychological approach

Skye decided to learn about spirituality and psychology to understand the link between her mind and weight loss. She learnt something that changed her life: to have a healthy body you first need a healthy mind. The programs she had done over the years were not supporting her over all mental and spiritual wellbeing, leading to inevitable failure.

A new healthy body and mind

Skye became a qualified nutritionist and hypnotherapist, and by following her new knowledge and applying it to her life, she was able to lose 25kg. Skye wanted other people going through the battle she went through to create a space of harmony for their bodies and minds to operate together within. This was when Skye began The Leading Mind.

The battle with weight

Skye struggled to maintain a healthy, comfortable weight for her entire adult life. She was able to lose weight, but no matter how many weight loss programs she tried or experts she saw, she couldn’t keep the weight off. Skye had the choice of either permenantly cutting out all of the foods she loved, or eating them and watching the weight slowly come back.

Skye’s Qualifications

Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine

During this Diploma Skye learnt about crucial digestive functions that are interrupted by emotional eating and how dieting leads to bodies struggling with attaining and maintaining homeostasis (homeostatis is when blood pressure, glucose levels and mineral concentrations are within the body’s preferred range).

This is something that deeply influenced her when creating The Leading Mind. The more time our bodies spend out of homeostasis, the more the body struggles to get back to a healthy and normal state. This leaves the body and the mind tired, hungry, and stressed. From this we can see why a healthy relationship with food is the most significant way we can influence our physical health.

Hypnosis Certification Training (American Hypnosis Association accredited)

During these studies, Skye learnt about how Hypnotherapy can speak directly to the subconscious mind of a person. The subconscious knows why the person is engaging in unwanted behaviours, and can bring the person’s subconscious mind’s priorities in line with their conscious mind.

Skye applied this knowledge to The Leading Mind to help people to break out of their emotional attachment to over-eating or to certain types of food. Often people struggling with this feel as though they’re ‘self-sabotaging’ or able to maintain a healthy lifestyle but only for short periods of time. Hypnotherapy helps to break this cycle and bring a person’s priorities to the forefront of their mind with focus and clarity.

Masters of Counselling

Currently studying the Masters of Counselling, Skye is specialising in applied constructivist theory which helps people to better understand how their experiences and self-talk has formed their current reality. Skye also learnt about Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy which is an approach to psychotherapy using CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) methods alongside mindfulness practices.

Skye uses Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) in The Leading Mind which helps people better understand and manage their thoughts and emotions in order to achieve relief from compulsive behaviours and promote positive thoughts and meaningful behaviour change.